Academic staff

Miguel Á.
Losada Rodríguez

Full Professor

Worldwide expert in marine and coastal engineering with more than 35 years of experience.

Baquerizo Azofra

Full Professor

She is responsible of the PhD Program. She is currently working on reliability of coastal systems and hydrodynamics of estuaries.

Ortega Sánchez

Associate Professor

He is currently involved in projects related to coastal morphodynamics and the integrated management of the coastal zone. He is responsible of the Master Program.

Díez Minguito

Assistant Professor

He is leading works related with estuarine and shelf sea hydrodynamics and transport processes.

Moñino Ferrando

Assistant Professor

He is leading works related to marine energies and numerical simulations – CFD.

Clavero Gilabert

Assistant Professor

She is the head of the Lab. Her current works are related to marine structures, overtopping and effects of wind in the behavior of coastal structures.

López Ruiz

Assistant Professor

He is presently involved in beach morphodynamics and the impact of marine energy converters on the coast.

Millares Valenzuela

Assistant Professor

He is currently involved in works related to sediment transport and river morphodynamics processes.

Research fellows and students

Pedro J.
Magaña Redondo

PhD in Environmental Hydraulics

Computer Engineer, responsible of the cluster computing system, video-monitoring stations and development of applied tools.

Zarzuelo Romero

Assistant Professor

Field of expertise related with estuaries and coastal processes. Strong capabilities in numerical modeling.

Serrano García

PhD in Environmental Hydraulics

Working on climate change effects on estuaries.

Cobos Budia

PhD Candidate

Modeling the hydrodynamics of the Guadalquivir estuary.

Díaz Carrasco

PhD Candidate

Working on the dynamics of breakwaters over soft soils.

del Rosal Salido

PhD Candidate

Working on methodologies to estimate coastal flooding including the effect of global warming.

Lira Loarca

PhD Candidate

Working on experimental and analytical studies on wave energy converters.

Jiménez Portaz

PhD Candidate

Working on the environmental effects of wind turbine fields.

María Victoria
Moragues Gómez

PhD Candidate

Working on the probability assessment of the failures modes on breakwaters.


PhD Candidate

Working on wind-waves atmosphere ocean interaction.