PhD Programme in Dynamics of Biogeochemical Flows and Their Applications

Within this Program leaded by the our group future PhD candidates will be able to comprehensively address environmental and socio-economic priority worldwide issues, such as the planning and integrated management of coastal areas, coastal waters and aquatic ecosystems, and port, water and general infrastructures.

Current PhD students

  • María Jiménez. Alteration of atmospheric-earth exchanges in the presence of wind turbine fields
  • María Victoria Moragues. Assessment of the joint probability of failure in breakwaters: application to the investment project

Completed PhD's (last 10 years)

  • Juan del Rosal (2020). Climate change impact on coastal urban fronts: methodology for management and decision making
  • Manuel Cobos (2020). A physical model to study the consequences of the human action in the Guadalquivir River Estuary
  • Sandra Paola Viaña (2020). Remote sensing of coastal environments. Applications to morphological studies
  • Pilar Díaz (2019). Behavior of breakwaters against marine dynamics in the presence of soft soils
  • Andrea Lira Loarca (2019). Experimental and analytical study of the hydrodynamics on an OWC device under highly non-linear waves (in collaboration with University of Parma)
  • Fabio Addona (2019). LDV measurements of turbulence under wind waves (based at University of Parma)
  • Rafael Jesús Bergillos (2017). Multi-scale dynamics of mixed sand and gravel deltaic coasts (in collaboration with Plymouth University)
  • Encarnación Medina (2017). Thermodynamic Processes Involved in Wave Energy Extraction (based at University of Edinburgh)
  • Alfonso M. Jiménez Robles (2017). Hydromorphodynamics of estuaries and river mouths
  • Pedro Folgueras (2017). Study on the combination of extreme geophysical variables and their influence on design criteria
  • Miguel Ángel Reyes (2016). Multiscale analysis of morphodynamic processes in estuaries and their integration into dredging projects
  • María Angeles Serrano (2016). Alborán sea shelf hydrodynamic processes
  • María Lourdes Jalón (2016). Optimization of a wave energy converter and integrated management at different temporal scales
  • Montserrat Vílchez (2016). A unified method of maritime works against waves
  • Carmen Zarzuelo (2016). Morpho-hydrodynamics of a highly altered tidally-dominated bay
  • Pedro J. Magaña (2015). Knowledge representation in the domain of environmental dynamics
  • Alejandro López (2014). Alongshore sediment transport on curvilinear coasts and implications on shoreline evolution
  • Ana Cristina Santos (2014) . Incorporating a risk assessment procededure into submarine outfall projects and application to Portuguese case studies
  • Sebastian Solari (2011). Methods of simulation of climate forcings. Application to operation of terminal ports (case study: Port of Cádiz) 
  • Dulce Pérez (2008). Hydrodynamics processes in mixed breakwaters and scale effects.
  • Simona Bramato (2008). Surface and bottom boundary layers induced by multiple scale oscillations: influence on sediment transport and coastal morphology
  • Christian Mans (2008). Circulation of the Rules reservoir induced by atmospheric forcing
  • José María Terrés (2008). Different mechanisms of vortex induced vibration in bridges
  • Isabel María Moreno (2008). Intermittent coastal lagoons in Andalusia: a management tool
  • Agustín Millares (2008). Integration of the baseflow in a distributed watershed model. Study of the subterraneous inflows contributions in Mountain Rivers
  • Juan Cuesta (2008). Aerodynamic behaviour of a rotating bird scarer and study of the wind field in complex topography
  • María Clavero (2007). Behaviour of a breakwater against wave action and criteria to divide the probability of failure in the lifetime
  • Alberto Ávila (2007). Multiple scale processes in the coastline evolution
  • Elena Quevedo (2007). Effects on the marine dynamic due to atmospheric pulsations and bottom friction