Lab instrumentation

Level and pressure measurement

  • 10 wave gauges Type 202 600mm (DHI)
  • 10 wave gauges 600mm (HR Wallingford)
  • 4 platforms and 28 wave gauges for 3D wave measurements (HR Wallingford)
  • 8 acoustic level gauges General Acoustics USS635
  • 13 Strain Wave Type 106 (DHI)


  • Particle Image Velocimeter PIV-V3V (TSI Inc). The PIV system offers many unique and outstanding features for 3D-3C measurements for liquid flows. It is also possible to measure in 2D-2C or 2D-3C (simple or stereo PIV).
  • Laser Doppler Velocimeter LDV, 1D-2D-3D (TSI Inc).
  • Planar Laser Induce Fluorescence PLIF. Non-intrusive, global measurements of scalar quantities such as temperature, concentration, pH, and species. The PLIF system can be seamlessly coupled with a TSI PIV system for simultaneous global velocity measurements, thus providing information on heat and mass fluxes.
  • Hot-wire anemometry system (TIS Inc):
    • IFA-300 system
    • 6 probes: 3 probes 1210-20, 2 probes 1241-20 y 1 probe 1299
  • Doppler Profiler UVP-DUO Metflow. Features a line measurement obtaining several 1D aligned velocity points away from the measuring probe, thus non-intrusive. UVP method provides velocity information as a function of both space and time in a unidimensional Eulerian frame. Combining several probes allows 2D or 3D velocity measurements.
  • Doppler Profiler DOP-3010
  • 8 pitot tubes
  • 2 omnidirectional pitot tubes Omniprobe

Image & Profiling

  • High Speed Velocity Camera Photron Fastcam SA-3 with 1024 x 1024 pixel resolution at frame rates up to 2.000 fps and at a reduced resolution up to 120.000 fps
  • Scientific Camera Basler
  • 2 Digital Cameras SONY Cybershot
  • Network Camera AXIS 214
  • Acoustic Profiler General Acoustics UWS to measure bathymetry, erosion and sedimentation in model beds, flumes or channels without emptying the model.

Pressure measurements

  • Pressure System SP 8400
  • Pressure System Initium
  • 13 pressure scanners ESP-16HD
  • 3 pressure scanners ESP-32HD

Other equipment

  • Laser distanciometer SLS5325/4000
  • Hydrophone Bruel & Kjaer 1803
  • Ship movements monitorization devide
  • 2 force and torque sensors AMTI MC6-1000 y MC6-4000
  • Humidity and temperature transmitter Vaisala HMT130