Manuel Díez-Minguito is Associate Professor and member of the Environmental Fluid Dynamics Research Group (GDFA) at the University of Granada (Spain).

His present research interests are in combining observational and numerical modeling approaches to understanding the exchange flow, circulation and transport in estuaries and coastal seas, and for evaluating feedbacks between physical and ecosystem processes.

Topics: Estuarine and coastal hydrodynamics and transport processes; tidal, buoyancy-driven and wind-driven circulation; exchange flow; biophysical interactions; observational and numerical modeling approaches.

ORCID, @DiezMinguito, ResearchGate

Environmental Fluid Dynamics Research Group (GDFA)
Andalusian Institute for Earth System Research (IISTA)
University of Granada (UGR), Spain

Tel.: +34 958249740, +34 958249411 .

‘mdiezm’ at ‘ugr.es’
Master Programme in Environmental Hydraulics
PhD Programme in Biogeochemical Flows and their Applications