We specialize in field, physical and numerical studies of fluvial, coastal and estuarine processes as well as renewable energy generation.

  • Physical modeling of wave-structure interaction, including behavior of breakwaters and coastal protection structures, wave energy generation devices, sediment transport and wave generation and propagation.
  • Physical modeling of wind-structure interaction, including wind energy generation devices, eolian sediment transport and aerodynamics.
  • Physical modeling of wave-wind-structure interaction, including wind-wave generation and wind-wave energy generation devices.
  • Physical modeling of fluvial processes, including sediment transport, reservoir siltation and river morphodynamics.
  • Wave energy extraction and resources management.
  • Numerical simulation of power take-off systems based upon oscillating water column technology.
  • Analysis of coastal and fluvial processes and morphodynamics by means of numerical modeling, field measurements and data analysis techniques.
  • Numerical modeling of coastal morphodynamics, including wave modeling (SWAN, DELFT3D), coastal response (XBeach, XBeach-G) and wave-structure interaction (IH2VOF, ARTEMIS).
  • Working with nature solution including uncertainty analysis and sustainable management approaches.
  • Hydro- and morphodynamics of rivers, deltas and estuaries by means of numerical modeling, field data and theoretical approaches oriented to the sustainable management of ecosystems.
  • Assessment of the impact of human interventions (i.e. river damming, hard-engineering or dredging, among others) on coastal systems.
  • Data post-processing and analysis of processes and consequences using different software and programming languages (QGIS, Python, among others)